Am I the right Photographer for you?


Photographers all have different styles. And while I would LOVE to capture you or your family, I want to make sure that I am what you are looking for! So take the time to read this before you reach out to book me: 


* First of all, you can find my packages & prices under the "Investment" tab- that's the first step.


* I LOVE helping my clients pick out clothing for their shoot. Signing up with me means that I am here to help you with your family's outfit choices because a lot of what makes photos beautiful are how the colors and textures of clothing work together. 


* Here's the important part: I'm not a super posey photographer. We will get those smiling photos for some classic family shots, but I'm not gonna act a fool the whole time to get an unhappy toddler to smile for every shot. If your child just can't crack a smile, we don't reschedule. Instead I may get you to hold your child close and take beautiful photos of you consoling your child. I think emotion, whether happy or sad, is the most beautiful thing to capture. I like to guide my clients into poses using prompts to get natural smiles and interactions--but during family shoots, sometimes those interactions are more candid and real depending on the child. So we are doing less of "smile at the camera" and more of smiling at each other and laughing and playing. But I'll be helping the whole time. So if you think you're awkward, don't worry, I can work with awkward because that's me too!