That's me! I have three kids and they are all loud & crazy- seriously, we don't have one so far that is calm or quiet- and our lives together are often chaotic but so wonderful. I also have an incredible husband who is the glue that holds our crazy together, a dog who I may brag on just as much as my kids, and my family is currently living in a small camper and traveling the US! So I'm up for destination shoots! I also have an editing business where I get to edit for incredible Wedding Photographers. 


But my kids are my world. I often order my kids to "stop growing up" and on the rare occasion that my youngest lets me hold & cuddle her, I want so badly for those moments to slow and still...




We can't stop their birthdays, we can't control the wrinkles that are etching their way around our mothers' eyes, around our eyes...


We just can't stop time.

But we can capture it.


"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do." Andy Warhol

Photographs not only give us the memories to hold on to, they tell our stories once we are gone, even once our children's children are gone. They have the ability to survive and speak and in a beautiful way.


And I tell stories... 

Stories of infectious love between two people that can be felt just by seeing them hold hands.

Stories of the wild devotion a mother has for her child through a picture of their embrace.

Stories of the faithfulness of family by showing you what they look like when they are together, a constant force in this wavering world.


And I want to tell your story.

I want to tell it through photographs.


This is what I do, it is what I love.